Chicago Adventure

Today, my boyfriend and I decided to go to Chicago for the first time since moving to the area. Getting there was a piece of chocolate cake (mmm). We took the Metra train directly from where I live to Chicago. I only paid $7 for unlimited weekend rides, pretty sweet, huh?

The train was pretty cool and I was giddy since I’ve never been on a train that had 2 levels. The first level had 2 person seats, but with the ability to switch the direction of the seats so that 4 people can sit directly in front of each other. The 2nd level had individual seats with the same ability to change the direction. The ride was very nice. It was only an hour (maybe a little less) and it stopped at various cities along the way.

When we got to Union Station, there were so many people getting off. We had to play “get through the crowd” by maneuvering around and in between people… very fast, might I add. It was really fun but I bet people thought we  were loony haha. The first place we walked to was Millennium Park and sat under the Jay Pritzker Pavilion. It was a really relaxing place to just sit down and take in everything. I want to start coming down here more often to just read or have a proper picnic (like in the movies :P).

We continued to walk around and found ourselves heading towards Navy Pier, that’s where most of the action is. You would not believe how many people from all over the world were there. Different color faces, hundreds of different languages, accents, body types- just EVERYTHING. No one was alike- I freakin’ loved it!! Millions of people all from different parts of the world, it’s exciting for me 🙂 If any of you can and want to see an array of people from around the world, head to Chicago (of course there are similar places but Chicago has definitely been my first).

When the crowd got to be too much, we went to get pizza, of course! We went to California Pizza Kitchen on  Ohio street. We had margarita pizza (yum!) and a sweet non-alcoholic drink, but I asked them to put a shot of rum into it (omg double yum). After a whole day full of fun and food, we took the train back.

On the train, we thought it would be a good idea to stop at one of the cities, Naperville specifically. This was a funny experience! After we got off, we just sat there like “shit, we have no idea what’s around here” lol. We waited for the next train to go back home, but, by some fortunate event, we were on the other side of the rail and missed the train. I say fortunate because after waiting for 15 minutes, Adam suggested we head back to Chicago and enjoy the nightlife there. I, of course, didn’t have any objectsion and before you know it, we were on our way back to Chicago.

When we arrived, we had an hour to kill before the next train back. This time we just walked around and headed back to Union station after 45 minutes. Not surprisingly, we missed it (yeah, I admit, I have a problem with tardiness). We met 2 (very) drunk people who also missed the train, so we hung out with them for a little bit looking for a bar to chill until the last train. I say a little bit because they were stumbling into busy streets -_-

Not even 5 minutes after we left them, we found a great bar! It was called Dylan’s and it was a salsa bar. The dancing was awesome, the music, and omg I had a Mai Tai for the first time (recommend for EVERYONE!) and I am now getting it everywhere I go. We headed back to the station 20 minutes early (we had to with our luck haha). The ride back was pleasant. We got home super exhausted and knocked out.

What an amazing day and city!

Note: We liked Chicago so much that we used the weekend pass to go back the next day (Sunday). We walked to Grant Park, got ice cream, hot dogs, pizza and chips. The weather was a little chilly so we didn’t stay as long, but it was still super fun! J

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