My Middle Eastern Culture

Today a bunch of ladies came over my parents house to see my mom. It’s customary for female friends to go over someone’s house when they return from another country, have a baby, a death in the family, etc. similar to the American culture but like they all come in packs lol.

Anyway, I was listening to their conversations and omg I had to try so hard to keep my mouth shut. There was one conversation about how this guy divorced this lady because one day she was getting ready to go to one of her college classes and her husband told her that she can’t go. She defied him. And while they were talking about it one lady commented “she could have stayed home for one day.”

You might think that’s crazy that another female might say that, but in the culture the women want their freedom but they do it through various means. These are strong women who play along with the culture… Well some of them. Others, of course, are into the culture fully.

I have to say there are some beautiful things that come from being in the Yemeni culture. I love the food, the dance, the traditional wear, the family values, etc. but I just don’t like the mentality. They don’t support individuality especially for a girl. I am one of the very very few who had the courage to pursue my dreams. It’s hard honestly, but I’m glad my parents had 3 strong girls who fought for what they wanted. I just fought harder for more. I’ll post about what I went though one day but for right now, I’m on the train back to Chicago đŸ™‚

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