Quit my job and Headed to Colorado

I quit my job a few days ago. Yeah, the job I just got. I have no regrets, yet… I couldn’t stand it anymore.

1. It was so materialistic and superficial (all about $$$)
2. It did nothing better for the world, only the business world.
3. It was a waste of my days. I was stuck in a building doing something I had no interest in doing.
4. It was only benefiting the company and myself (and money alone doesn’t cut it for me.)
5. I was very unhappy.

Was it a good idea? I don’t know yet. The plan is to move to Colorado with my boyfriend next week and try there. We feel like CO would be the perfect place for us.

Right now though, I’ve been on the negative thinking lately. Blah!! We don’t have a permanent place yet. We’ve been on the couch surfing website looking for a temporary place. Nothing yet, but the thing that’s keeping me super positive is the road trip idea 🙂 🙂

We’re hoping for a great adventure in CO!

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