Colorado: The Drive and First Day!

Sunday Sept. 7th- Start driving to Colorado with Adam. Went across Illinois, Iowa (so many windmills!) and Nebraska! Arrived in Colorado 9am Sept. 8th. We slept 3 times, 1-2 hours each time. I had cheesy popcorn, energy drinks, and coffee lmao! 

windmills in iowa
So many windmill in Iowa. It was really cool to see!

I got to CO super exhausted and ready for a nap. I showered and changed out of my smelly PJs haha. Right after, I, of course, head out to get some marijuana with Adam and his friend. That, kids, is the first time I bought weed at a store 😉 

Adam’s friend asked us if we wanted to go on a hike. Being from Michigan, I thought it would be a nice walk around a trail. Oh man was I wrong! This hike ended up taking 8 hours… up a mountain LOL. Reminded: This is right after a 20 hour drive 😛 And I only took my phone, keys, and wallet lmao 

IMPORTANT: If you’re gonna go hiking, go prepared haha

But, nonetheless, it was absolutely beautiful!


I climbed rocks, cliffs, and bear crawled around a bunch of cliffs haha. I have never thought I would be doing all of these things. ESPECIALLY for 8 hours!! 


When we got really high into the mountain, it started to rain 😦 And of course, we went to find shelter. Adam’s friend came prepared with a sweater and 2 ponchos! Eventually after 4 hours, I got tired and we decided to turn back. We got there a little bit after the sun came down!

First Day of Colorado = SUCCESS!!


2 thoughts on “Colorado: The Drive and First Day!

  1. I’m originally from Colorado. I, also lived in your state for 10 years (Upper Penisula). Most Coloradoan call following a trail a nature walk, not a hike. I hope you had a good time in Colorado. I hope the “locals” were hospitable. There aren’t too many native Coloradoans in the state anymore, so depending on where you are will determine the reception you received.


    1. Haha you’re right, it was a nature walk but it was intense! I’ve gotten used to it because I’ve done it a couple of time now 🙂
      Natives are rare but everyone I’ve met here have been nothing but nice. I absolutely love it! Where are you living now? If you dont mind me asking.


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