A Secret You Should Know About

I wanted to make a post about a rule in the universe that has helped me accomplish so much. This is called the Law of Attraction (LOA). Now before you stop reading and roll your eyes, please read what I have to say.

I came from a very religious and strict culture. Although, I was raised in America (Michigan specifically), my family still practiced the ways of our home country (the Middle East). Because I’m a girl, there were more restrictions on me. I wasn’t allowed to hang out with friends outside of school, have a job, or go somewhere alone.

It was when I left my parents religion that I decided it was time to really change my situation. I started looking into the LOA after an Oprah episode of the book “The Secret”. I watched the movie after the book, but the movie was way too dramatized. I did some research on it and put it into practice.

The Results?

I changed my way of thinking, gained habits of morning affirmations and positive thinking, and changed my feeling of my reality. At the same time, I created a vision board of what things I wanted to see in my life. I drew up a list, printed and cut out pictures to add to the board.

A year (or maybe 10 months) after I started putting the LOA into practice, I was able to move out of home and attend a university 3 hours away from home.

Three years later, I graduated with my Bachelors, had 2 jobs, my own apartment, a great boyfriend and an active social life. I look at 3 years and I’m amazed at the results!!

Another goal of mine was to get out of Michigan. A few months after I graduated, I was able to move to Chicago for a little bit, but now I’m in Colorado with my boyfriend. 🙂

I’m telling you this because I want you to do some research about the law of attraction and see how it might be able to help you. I know it works, because I’ve seen the amazing results!! 🙂

Good Luck!!

– Nanii

7 thoughts on “A Secret You Should Know About

      1. Hahahahaha! Well, maybe you have a twitter so we could exchange messages easily? I’ve never had someone to discuss LoA with here, nobody from my place seemed to be familiar with it. If I tell them, they think I’m crazy. Oh boy, they don’t know what they’re missing! 🙂


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