The Impossible Will Take a Little While

“Those who give up on life are abandoning the possibility of the world’s being a generous enough place to be worth their staying in” (The Impossible Will Take a Little While, pg. 18).

It’s hard to understand why anyone would choose to take their own life, but the truth is that people do. The world is a huge place and I feel for those who are in a situation that looks impossible to get out of. I understand the overwhelming feeling of loneliness and despair.

I wanted to remind everyone that no matter your situation, it’s not going to stay that way. That’s just NOT how life works. YOU have the power to change your situation and your life. It might take a few years, month, weeks, and if you’re lucky, you can change it right now.

No situation us permanent. Life doesn’t know what permanent is. The only time life would know is when death has taken over, so life is not permanent nor is the situation you’re in. Everything is temporary and always changing. That’s one of the beautiful things about life.

Everything is temporary and ever-changing

Your life is flexible and able to change. Focus on the RESULTS rather than where you are. If you constantly think about the life you WANT, the universe will have no option but to give it to you! Use this to your power. YOU HAVE THE POWER, just use it! 🙂

Love Always,



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