How to Get What You Want by Charging up Your Subconscious

Obsession, repetition, passion, desire, and persistence. Those are a few of the best ways to make something happen. By repeating a thought in connection with a problem, consistently, over a long period of time, you can consciously or unconsciously charge up your sub-conscious mind to provide you with a solution to that problem.

The subconscious mind has the power to not only create a solution for your problem, but also forces you to recognize the solution when it’s presented to you. Of course, there are steps to take to charge up your subconscious.

Step 1: Have a Definite Purpose or Definite Goal

Before you start obsessing over a million problems and hoping a solution will appear, you have to have a set goal or something you want to accomplish. This goal has to become an obsession. It has to be something that you can’t help NOT thinking about everyday. My goal, for example, is to become economically independent, by researching ways to make money online and teaching others that I learn (My other blog: TeamVazanio).

You have to go to sleep with your goal in mind and wake up with it on your mind. It has to become a burning desire! When it becomes a burning desire, your subconscious will catch on to it much better than just wishful thinking.

My tip: Surround yourself with images, sounds, people, etc. that motivate your desire

Step 2: Carry out a Definite Plan for Your Definite Goal

You don’t have to have a solution to that plan, however, you need to set up a path that will help you with achieving your goal. That could be anything like doing research on whatever your passion/desire is, talking to people about it, meeting people who have similar goals, and getting yourself closer to your solution.

While going through your plan, you may experience some bumps along the road. It’s okay! Things happen, but you have to keep a positive mental attitude. This is essential to accomplishing your goal. If you give in to those bumps, you’ll eliminate the possibility of ever achieving your goals. You have to persist and continue on even after constant failure. Again, your burning desire will help you weather through any issues.

“Every adversity brings with it the seed of an equivalent benefit.” – Andrew Carnegie

Step 3: Create Like Minded Alliances

Once you have a definite plan, be open to meeting and working with people who have similar goals OR who have the ability to help you with your goals. Having an alliance will keep your mind on your goal. You will be less likely to give into issues you bump into.

This doesn’t have to be a physical alliance, you can find an online community with similar goals, a Facebook friend, etc. Other ways to make alliances is through friends, workshops, conventions, parties, organizations, etc. The more you involve other in your goal, the more you’ll receive help with achieving it.

Step 4: Apply Faith in Achieving Your Goal

Having faith in yourself, your persistence, the universe (or infinite knowledge), and your plan will keep you going. This will be the motivating factor in your path to achieving your goal.

Now, there are more on this list, but I don’t want this to drag on and on 😛 The main point I’m trying to get at is the more you focus positively on your desire, the more it will influence your subconscious to hand a solution to you. That solution will be the answer to your desire 🙂

Love Always,


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