A Better Society Tomorrow is in Your Hands

When we are born, we’re automatically labeled a gender. It’s the first thing people ask when they find out someone is pregnant- “Is it a boy or girl?” “Do you know the sex of the baby yet?” “What is it?

This labeling idea was a major disaster from the start. What could have been our years of journey to self-exploration has been put into two colorful categories: pink and blue.

These two colors determine who we date, what activities we do, how we dress, who we hang out with, how our body should look, etc. Basically, our society labels WHO WE BECOME, because at one point that was all there was to categorize a group of people (before we figured out there were people of different color, religion, race, sexual orientation, and, yes, gender).

Rules started to develop, telling us what we should & shouldn’t do, how we should look, behave, and BE. 

Those rules are great for those who fit perfectly into those two categories, but what about the others? What about those who dare to be born outside of that ideal mold of their gender, or those who CHOOSE to break out of their given mold? In my opinion, we’re punished.

Anyone who doesn’t look like the people on TV, who doesn’t fit their given gender, who chooses not to do what their gender is supposed to do, or who loves the opposite gender they’re told they’re supposed to love.

They’re punished in a very very discreet way- they are told by the media, their culture, and their friends that they are not worthy.

Do me a favor and look around you.

Look through a magazine, flip through TV channels, read Youtube comments, etc. People who are different are made to feel inferior. This results in low self-esteem, depression, and inferiority complex. Those are three personal issues that I’ve dealt with, and sometimes continue to deal with, so I speak from experience. Not only that, I also see it all around me: my family, boyfriend and his friends, my friends, television, parties, bars, etc.

If you’re not how society thinks you’re supposed to be, something is wrong with you.

No, no, no, no, no!!

Let’s change that.

The world and every society in it is progressing. We, as a society, are only in our teens. We are insecure and still trying to figure out who we are, that’s why we’re so quick to react, to change, and to progress. Every decade comes with 10 years of progress. One day, we will love ourselves and each other. There will no longer be any need to overpower, degrade, or humiliate anyone else.

Wars will cease, corporations will lose their greedy grip on society and we will accept anyone who is different, weird, filthy, strange, fat, small, weak, ugly, hairy, messy, dark, nerdy, stupid, and shameful just as equally as we accept normal, clean, skinny, smooth, beautiful, soft, light, smart, strong, and proud.

In the end, everything will be what it is without any negative or positive connotation. We will have higher thinking far beyond this materialistic, capitalistic, “dog-eat-dog” world we live in today.

The first step, however, to continuous progress starts with you and your acceptance of others who are not like you.



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