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The Principles of Achievement: #1-5

small_4441155157In this article, I will provide, in my own interpretation, those principles and how you can use them to achieve anything you want in life. I just got done reading a book called “Think Your Way to Wealth” by Napoleon Hill. In this book, he interviewed Andrew Carnegie to figure out what were the steps he took to become successful.

This results into 15-17 principle of achievement. Carnegie walks us through the things he did, said, behaved, etc. to attain the riches he achieved.

Principle #1: A Definite Life Purpose or Goal

The first step to achieving anything is to figure out what it is you wanna achieve. You have to form a clear, concise mental pictures of whatever it is you want! This should be something you really desire, it can’t only be wishful thinking.

Once the pictures grows and has been turned into a burning desire, it’s taken by your subconscious as reality through the law of attraction (we’ll get into more details about this in a future post). This law guides you in the direction of your desire and turns that mental image into physical reality!

Principle #2: Mastermind Alliance

origin_8775483114A mastermind alliance is a group of 2 or more minds working together in perfect harmony to attain a definite purpose. This alliance has to have perfect harmony in order to succeed, meaning, everyone in the alliance has to get along, encourage each other, and keep each other progressing and never falling.

Principle #3: Attractive Personality

Carnegie talks about 30 traits of an attractive personality. Now, I’m not gonna list all 30 traits, lol, but here are the top 1o I thought were spot on:

  1. Positive mental attitude
  2. Sincerity of purpose
  3. Courtesy
  4. Tone of voice and effective speech
  5. Habit of smiling 🙂
  6. Tolerance and acceptance
  7. A keen sense of humor
  8. Faith in infinite intelligence (or knowledge)
  9. Emotional control and versatility
  10. Interest in opening mind and increasing knowledge base

Principle #4: Applied Faith

This is knowing that your desire will be attained. It goes along with attractive personality #8, faith in infinite intelligence. Carnegie calls this principle the “greatest equalizing force which truly makes all men equal”. If you have a strong desire AND a plan to achieve that desire, you have to believe that you will get it.

Remember: A desire is different and has a stronger affect than wishful thinking.

When you have a definite life purpose, a plan, and a mastermind alliance to help you attain it, the law of attraction goes to work. Having faith in infinite intelligence will keep your desire burning.

Principle #5: Going the Extra Mile

Tsmall_8527676756his is creating a habit of doing more than you’re paid or told to do so. You must be willing to give a great amount of service and do it in a friendly manner (and with an attractive personality). You have to show others that you’re willing to do more in order to get more. That energy is going to radiate when you go the extra mile.

Affirmation: I demand [insert desire] in definite terms; I have a definite plan for acquiring [insert desire]; I’m engaged in carrying out my plan, and I’m giving an equivalent of the value of [insert desire] that I demand. 

Those are the first 5 principle of achievement according to Andrew Carnegie. I plan on posting the rest of the principles at a later date! 🙂 Please share with your friends and let’s turn our desires into reality!

Love always,


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photo credit: Sweet Dreamz Design via photopin cc
photo credit: Camdiluv ♥ via photopin cc

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