Am I alone? Where are my conscious fellow human beings?

Critics out there: This is an opinion. If you don’t agree, say it nicely and constructively or don’t say anything at all.

Sometimes I feel like I’m way ahead of my time.

Like my thinking, what goes on in my mind, is completely different, more progressive, than the average person. I don’t say this to sound arrogant at all. It drives me crazy sometimes.

The mind is always expanding learning new things.

I feel some people take it, really value it, and allow themselves and their minds to grow. Others, majority of people, don’t see the value in a growing mind, thus ridiculing those who have it. I feel that my mind is constantly soaking in new ideas, concepts, etc. that are ahead of this time. What majority of people think about sexuality, gender, money, media, or socially implicit rules, I think differently or maybe just at another level.

  • I believe gender shouldn’t be a thing.
  • The mind has the power to create and alter reality.
  • The human body isn’t inherently sexual, the mind is.
  • Nationality is a piece of joke.
  • Thinking we’re superior is ignorant.
  • Money is a piece of paper that, sadly, makes people selfish and keeps others stuck.
  • The school systems are no longer for education, but profit. A new school of thought needs to emerge.
  • Religion was created out of fear of the unknown and control of the masses.
  • The implicit rules of society (shaving, dress “codes”, how one is supposed to look/act, make up, holiday celebrations, etc.) need to either be broken or mended.
  • Fear should be used to motivate and inspire rather than control and keep in place.

We are higher beings with higher consciousness…

…but were so into the materialism of this world that we let it blur our original state of mind. All of us are in our own state of reality. We have the power to change by utilizing and taking control of our own mind.

I feel like I’m going crazy because not many people agree with me (especially when it comes to my views of gender, sexuality, and religion). It’s sad to see that not a lot of people are taking control of their mind. Am I the only one? I want to meet others with similar thinking. I need NOT to be alone in this reality of mine. Am I really alone? Does any one else think similarly?

Please let me know if there are other conscious people out there. I need to meet with you and put our minds together to change this world for the better. I want to be able to encourage you to keep that thinking going, keep progressive, and don’t let others who don’t understand or “get it” keep you in line. We’re not meant to be in line.

We’re meant to flourish, rise above, expand, grow, and learn.

Why aren’t many people doing that? Maybe I’m just not getting it. Maybe I’m wrong.

– Nanii

photo credit: h.koppdelaney via photopin cc

3 thoughts on “Am I alone? Where are my conscious fellow human beings?

  1. I know you posted this a while ago, but you are not alone! I only have 1 other person in my life who feels me when I speak about this! I KNOW ppl like you and I are sprinkled around the world, in the minority, so we can demonstrate human potential and abundance. So that we can touch someone’s life, who in turn will effect someone else’s life, paying it fwd, and making small, gradual changes towards greater world consciousness. 🙂 With the internet, your blog, you can reach many more ppl. Carry on and keep writing! 🙂

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