sexual orientation

What is sexual orientation?


The past few days I’ve been thinking about the idea of sexual orientation. From my experience it seems that sexual orientation is based on our sexual body parts. I’ve been wondering, however, if it should be more than that. Our sexual parts can be so deceiving sometimes. Think about it. Have you ever interacted with someone without knowing their gender? Have you ever checked out someone thinking they’re one gender but they ended up being the opposite? Once you realize you’ve been deceived, you’re disgusted at yourself, push it to the side, and pretend it nevertheless happened. But it did.

We’re taught from a young age what/who we’re supposed to be attracted to. We’re brainwashed at a very vulnerable age. Knowing that, and truly understanding that, how can anyone say for sure who they’re attracted to if they haven’t known any other options? There are some people who understand this and are open to seeing what options are out there, and I applaud those who are able to walk out of the bubble that was built around them. That goes for so many things were taught in life.

I feel like I have to put a disclaimer because I know some people who won’t take what I said above seriously and just think “tehe she’s a lesbian”. No I’m not,  and honestly what I “am” is irrelevant.  I’m trying to have a serious discussion about the complexities of sexual orientation.

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