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Geocaching Adventures with Nanii

Today’s adventures involved geocaching. Who has ever tried geocaching? For those who don’t know what geocaching is its a “game” where you hide items in public areas and you add it to the geocaching map for people to find it. It’s a great hobby to do alone or with others. You can find more information here.
I went with my boyfriend and 2 other friends I met while living here in Denver. We found 3 different caches, which is the most I’ve ever done in 1 day.  The first one was very cleverly hidden inside a trees hole. It was filled with a few trinkets and a log book. We contributed to it whatever awesome things we could find in our pockets lol.


The second cache was a small pill container hung on a spruce tree with a wire, like a Christmas ornament. 🙂


The third was in a plastic bag across a memorial. I wish I could have taken a picture of the memorial but for some reason I didn’t.


I had such a great time searching for these caches. I highly recommend geocaching to anyone who like outdoor adventures. It’s also really fun to do in a group 🙂 I give it a 6/10 rating when it comes to adventures! Go outside while it’s nice and try geocaching. Share your experience in the comment box below, I would love to hear from other geocachers.

Happy hunting!
– Nanii

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