Law of Attraction · Thoughts

Thoughts Become Things

Thoughts become things. That’s the easiest way to word it. It’s a crazy idea! I’ve been reading about the “law of attraction” on and off for about 7 years. I’ve done vision boards, visualizations, daily affirmations, mantras, etc. The whole idea was very hard for me to understand until I realized that, in order to understand the concept, I had to understand myself. I needed to change my perspective of the world. I needed to align my mind, body, and spirit.

Mind, Spirit, and Body

peaceful-442070_640We assume that the mind, body, and spirit are separate things, however, they work as one. The spirit is the greater part of me, the one who helps and guides me (the universe, “God”, etc.). My mind is the channel that interprets that guidance, the one that translate words into emotions, and the one that creates my reality/pov of the world. You see, everyone’s reality is different. Regardless if you’ve been by someone’s side their whole life, their reality or perspective of the world is going to be slightly different than yours. This is because the mind interprets their reality differently than yours. The body is that physical form that our spirit takes in this reality. When our spirit is not aligned with our mind, our body is the one that gets affected. When we’re stressed or unhappy, it creates health and relationship issues. When we’re happy and positive, our body gains strength and endurance.

Once I was able to change my perspective about myself and my life, things really started to change. My moods, my situation, the people in my life, and the work that I did all changed. I found a new sense of passion, new goals, and dreams.

End to Beginning vs. Beginning to End

Recently, I’ve been doing deeper reading and research. I’m currently reading some books by Mike Dooley. His whole idea is that we are ONE spiritual being living several lives and one of them is me… another is you. Outside of our reality, in the spiritual realm, the universe works differently to make dreams come true. Instead of working from beginning to end (have a dream, take the steps required, and then dreams comes true), the universe works end to beginning. The universe first sees the dream that you want and works coincidences/miracles in your life to make that dream a reality.

So, the thoughts I have now are creating the world of tomorrow. Once anyone realizes that, their behavior will and CAN change. Dooley goes into details about practices and routines that can help you achieve your deepest desire. He encourages you and makes you see your dream without limitation. If you would like to read any of his books, I highly recommend “Manifest Change” and “Infinite Possibilities”.

Spiritual Practice

I encourage everyone to do some meditating and visualizing about the life they want. Do daily affirmations that encourage that specific dream or desire. Focus on happiness, prosperity, abundance vs. material wealth and greed. Imagine adventures, wonderful relationships, great health, etc. Keep it positive and have faith. The Universe is here for you, working for you, and waiting for your wishes. It’s kind of like praying but instead of to someone in the sky, it’s to the energy that holds us together- your greater self.

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