This Weekend’s Adventure: UFOs

This weekend I went on a comic roadtrip to watch aliens. Along the way, I saw mountains, acres and acres of empty land, and met a strange.

My boyfriend and I left Denver around 10am to head to the UFO watch tower in Hooper, CO, which is about 3 hours south of Denver. We passed a lot of beautiful scenery and small towns.



Here, enjoy a nice video of the scenery with radio music and our voices lol

We arrived at the UFO watch tower at 2pm. It was in the middle of the San Luis Valley, surrounded by mountains 20 miles in every direction. A perfect spot to watch the stars and sight aliens, of course. The first thing we came to was a sort of collections of weird objects everywhere on the ground.

Thinking it was just a bunch of junkies went into the information center to find an alien in the way 😉

And then an alien family…


The owner of the UP watchtower, Judy Messoline, told us about the items on the ground and about the watchtower. Apparently, there have been mediums and psychic who have felt power vortex energy around the objects.


Walking around the objects was weird because each time I did I felt a strong surge of energy, in my head. It may have been cuz she said it but it was still there lol.





We fished looking around and headed to the closest restaurant around (which was about 15 miles) and then to a beautiful park arOund the camping area. It had sort of private picnic tables across the lake, watching the mountains. It was absolutely an amazing place to be!

We decided to drive back to Denver that night and park on the side of the road to watch the stars. On the way back, we passed a hitchhiker. My boyfriend and I debated whenever we should pick him you and decided “heck, why the fuck not?”
He ended up being really cool. His name is David and he’s an avid hitchhiker headed to one of his relatives funeral. We talked about weird stuff that weird people talk to each other about. 🙂


Good luck David!

The night ended with star viewing and an end-of-the-day smoke sesh. Unfortunately, no real aliens or UFOs were seen 😦 but it was an awesome adventure nonetheless!

On to the next adventure!

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