I have a feeling you’ll be hearing more from me..

Around this time last year, I was trying to sell my Macbook Pro for moving money. I posted it on Ebay and got a buyer. They gave me the address to send it to. I got excited and sent it to the address not thinking it all the way through.

Turns out the person who bought it used someone else’s Paypal information. I ended up getting screwed out of the money because I shipped it to an address other than whats on the person’s Paypal info.

Long story short, the scammer got my Macbook, the lady got her money back, and I lost my Macbook and $600. Yeah, fun times. lol

Fast forward to now.

I got my tax refund and got paid from work. I had more money than I needed, I suppose. I went on Craigslist and looked for a laptop. Knowing how much I love Macbooks, I decided on a Macbook Air. I contacted a couple people and one was super cheap and the dude knew his computer shit (he was a software engineer). My boyfriend made me feel weird about giving someone on CL a bunch of cash lol. Knowing that the universe would give me what I wanted, I ended up with an almost new Macbook Air for Less than $500.


Now I have a laptop and can be more active online. I will be able to post more and read other people’s posts. Usually when I have an idea about something I would like to write about, I don’t have a laptop near by to start typing. I’ve been using my phone to type posts (hence the large amount of misspellings) and twitter to keep people updated.

Speaking of Twitter.

If you haven’t followed me yet, you should! I love exchanging ideas with other people and Twitter is a really great place to do it. You can find me @NaniiAdventures! That’s all for now. Time to get high and watch some Bob’s Burgers.

2 thoughts on “I have a feeling you’ll be hearing more from me..

  1. So sorry you had to go thru all that. I didn’t even know about it. That must have been hard . you must have been lost you use that computer all the time. Remember to try and learn a lesson from each milestone in your life, so even if it is bad you will not repeat it again. I’m pulling for you. Love gmj

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    1. In the beginning it was a little hard cuz I wasn’t used to it lol. I totally did get a good lesson out of it. It gave me more free time to read and go outside, so there was definitely a plus! Thank you 🙂


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