Earth Day

A Letter To Mother Gaia on Earth Day

Dear Mother Earth,

Today is the day people think about you and what you provide for us. Honestly, many people don’t really care all that much, they just want to be part of the crowd. They don’t realize that they are already part of something huge. Every living being living here is a part of you. We are all connected through the land we live on, the streets we drive on, the air we breath, and the actions that we take.

However, we forget.

nature-670025_1280We forget because we occupy our mind and our thoughts on trivial and materialistic things. We worry and stress about work, looking good, watching the most recent tv shows, getting the newest technology, catching up with gossip, building bigger homes, driving nicer cars, etc. We focus so much attention on things we have created, rather than the home that we were created from (per say). I wish people knew what you provide for us. The ONLY things we need to survive, you provide for us: air to breath, food to eat, scenery to behold, adventures, connection to our higher self, etc.

Albert Einstein once said, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

From my experience, he was spot on! When I started focusing on and spending some time with myself and the natural world around me, my whole perspective about life changed. The connection I had with you and everyone became stronger. I felt more compassion, hope, and strength. I began to see, not the material world around me but, the bigger picture. It’s clear now. There are no borders that separate us, we separated ourselves. I know now that I only FEEL alone, but in reality, no one life is alone. We experience the same emotions, the same fears, the same hope, and we share the same earth.

I apologize on behalf of all humans who have mistreated you and taken you for granted. I apologize for myself for not taking as good of a care of you as best I can. I know that it only affects me and not you. Once we are gone, you will live on. You will support another specie and I hope they know how to take care of the planet they are living on.

I end this by making a commitment to do my best while I’m alive. Not only the best for you, but also for every living thing that resides within you.

Thank you, Mother Gaia.


Ps. I thought this was funny.


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