Pure Awareness

The Perspective We’ve Lost: Pure Awareness

It’s hard to imagine that greed, hatred, massacres, etc. are real. The only way anyone can kill or hurt another person is if they don’t see that person as being. They don’t see someone who has a history, fears, hopes, or a personality. That person would have to have been striped of their humanity. They are no longer connected to the world or each other. They only see profit, gains, and feeling of superiority.

Human beings aren’t born this way.

imageThey aren’t born to hate, hurt, or kill. They are taught all of that. They were taught either by their family, their teachers, coaches, commanders, government leaders, etc. Everything that we know has only been repeated to us. What would the world have been like if we weren’t taught to hate each other? What if we made it a priority to teach kids and adults to connect more with each other, the world, and the universe. What if we taught more about being one with everything than having to have control over everything?

The more books I read, the more connected I become with world and the universe. I began to regain a perspective that I’ve only had as a child. That perspective is the perspective of pure awareness. Pure awareness is the silence between the breathes you take, the words you speak, and the thoughts you think. It’s the nothingness that has always been there. That emptiness only becomes something when you pay attention to it. When you become aware of it, you feel at peace. In that emptiness, everything you have been taught is gone, every negative emotions and thoughts are not there, there’s… nothing, yet, it feels amazingly peaceful.

This is what we have lost. We fill our minds with so much nonsense that we forget who we are. We’re that pure awareness. We’re a spiritual being watching the life of the body we have chosen. We are not that body, we are not the emotions and the fears that come with that body. We are that awareness. But, because we have lost that, our minds create stories that make us feel better about our existence. We need to feel that we are alive for a reason and that reason must be survival, success, superiority, enslavement, etc. Any reason, actually, that makes the mind believe it’s worthwhile. This creates separation from everyone and everything, resulting in seeing other people as objects rather than living pure awareness.


I urge everyone who is reading this to try and connect with their pure awareness. Stop everything you’re doing an look around you. Pay attention to the chair next to you, to the clouds in the sky, to the trees, books, doors, etc. around you. Notice that there’s no thoughts going through you’re head when you’re doing that. Pay attention to the silence around you. To the nothingness that’s always been there. This is who you are. You are awareness. This is the pure you, not the you that the world around you has created. Embrace that YOU. You will feel more peaceful, more alive, and right where you should be.

Here’s a video that will help you make sense of that I say. The guy speaking is Eckhart Tolle. He is a great spiritual teacher who has helped me become more aware. 🙂 I recommend watching more videos of his lectures and meditations. They are all mind opening.

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