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Get Your Rear Up & Start Setting Some Goals!

Everything that I know about the law of attraction says that you need to have a goal in mind in order to be able to manifest it. That makes sense, right? Yeah, but I’ve learned that sticking with a goal is harder than I thought. For example, this blog. When I started my goals was to post one article a week, but I can hardly do it once a month. It’s not that I’m lazy or don’t have any creative ideas, I don’t have the motivation or push to do it. For me to keep up with it, I’d need a deadline. If I don’t have a deadline, I just don’t end up doing it.

In order to remind myself of the importance of keeping up with my goals, I’ve decided to write about why goals are important. According to Urban Dictionary, goals are:

…a statement written down in order to achieve a state of being at a given point in time. Unfortunately, only 3% of Americans have written goals. Those that have them are typically the most successful people.

I love Urban Dictionary because they tend to be simple and spot on! If I don’t have a goal in mind, I can’t see myself succeed in my minds eye.

1. Goals keep you moving towards the right direction

My boyfriend and I once picked up hitchhiker (read about that adventure!) who was an avid hitchhiker. We were talking about how things happen at just the right time, and he started talking about his goals and getting from different destinations. He said something that I will never forget. He said: “If you want to get to New York and that’s all you wanted to do, you’ll get to New York!


It’s really that simple. If you go towards it and never stop until you get it, you’ll get it. If I always have an goal/image of me traveling the world while blogging and making money online, that’s the direction I will go towards. Keeping your goals in mind will attract different opportunities that will eventually lead you to your goal. What’s especially helpful for me is to practice visualizing everyday. It keeps me motivated while looking for different opportunities to manifest my goals.

2. Goals allow YOU to be in Control and Accountable

When I set goals, I don’t have anyone making sure I complete them. I don’t have anyone paving the right road for me, making sure I take all the chances I can get. Nope. It’s just me and my goals. The fact that I have to do them alone makes me fully in control of the actions that I take. I have to be accountable for managing my time and my resources. It feels like a lot of pressure sometimes, but it’s a great feeling when I accomplish something. It doesn’t have to be the goal itself, even checking off one thing is great!

If you’re like me and you have a problem sticking with what you say you’ll do, I highly recommend writing for typing them out for it to really sink into your head. Having a check-list (even a small one) will help you feel accomplished no matter how small the task is. Doing that will also motivate us and higher our confidence in the other things we try to do.

Need Help?

One thing that helps with goals is doing them together. It doesn’t have to be the same goal, just goals in general. When you know that someone is focused on a goal, it helps you pay attention to your goals. For my next goal, I’m going to talk to someone about it and see what their goals are. I’m going to support them and as them to support me.

If you’re in a rut and need to accomplish a goal, comment below or tag me on either Instagram or Twitter with your goal and I’ll follow up with you! There’s more power with two. 😉

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