It’s about time: My yoga adventure

I went to my first yoga class in a studio today. Usually when I do yoga, it’s at home playing a Youtube video and using a blanket. Studios are usually out of my price range, however, I’ve been finding a lot of good deals around the Denver area. Today, I went to YogaOne which is around the DTC area. They have community yoga every Sunday for $7. There was no excuse for me not to go. The good thing is that I didn’t have to go alone, I had a friend I met a work come with. We’ve talked about it and now we did it.

I’ve always known that yoga is good for me both mentally and physically. It’s also natural and based on body movements and breathing techniques, like a mix of a workout class and meditation. Silly me thought it would be easy, too. It wasn’t intense, it was just fast paced for me. Trying to focus on my breathing while holding a position that I don’t do on a daily basis was the real struggle. Either I was balancing my body but not breathing correctly or breathing correctly but failing to balance. The downward dog was definitely the easiest to do (other than the fetal position).

yoga 3 women doing the downward dog
The downward dog yoga pose

I didn’t think I would work my muscles as much as I did. I don’t stretch as often as I should nor do I lift weights at all. Yoga was great for building and stretching my muscles. It was also a great aerobic work out because you would do one pose after another and repeat those poses. I don’t know if this class represented the pace of all yoga classes because I’m sure there are slower paced classes depending on what you want to accomplish.

Towards the end of the class, we were told to create an intention. I’m very big on creating your own reality with your intentions and using yoga to focus on them is genius. I was focusing all of my energy on my muscles and my breathing. If my energy aligns with me intention, it really powers that intention. The next time I go to a yoga class, I’m going to practice working on balancing my body, flowing my energy, and breathing correctly. Since the class I went to wasn’t held in the usual room, it was crammed together and made it easy to get distracted by other people especially it being my first time. All in all, it was a great experience and the beginning of a long wonderful adventure.

The lovely feeling afterwards

Coming out of that yoga class, I definitely felt more invigorated (especially it being 10am on a Sunday morning). At first, I didn’t want to go because it was so early but I made myself knowing it would be good for me. It was good for me. Coming out of that yoga class, I definitely felt more invigorated (especially it being 10am on a Sunday morning). It made me feel good that I was doing something productive and taking care of my needs. My body felt like I had a nice hike, with my muscles stretch and not as tight. I felt really good.

coffee cup with a smiley face with tongue sticking outAfter yoga, I went to lunch with my friend. We went to DuffeyRolls, which is a quant cafe that sells some of the best cinnamon rolls (they also have great sandwiches). It was much needed female time. I haven’t had many chances to have quality time with friends and I really appreciate those times. Sometimes, living with a partner makes it so that you always have someone to hang out with. It’s a great thing but it can also be a bad thing. If I have someone to hang out with, why would I hang out with other people? I didn’t like that and I’ve been trying to find time for myself. This is all part of my self-love mission.

In addition to meditating, using essential oils and incense, and not following many of the rules, yoga is my push to love and be in-sync within myself. I’m focusing on the inside now. Focusing on the outside has not given me any peace. I wonder where else this search for self-love will send me. I’m ready!

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