Who is this weird Nanii??

Name: Hanan

Nickname: Nanii & Annie

Age: 22

Sign: Libra ♎

Occupation: Sales Executive

DREAM: Travel, meet people, & experience things

Introduction: Now let’s be more proper with the introduction. My name is Hanan and life is interesting to me- everything from great days to horrible tragedies. Right now, though, it’s mundane. The most interesting part is that I recently got a job in the Chicago area! I’m in the promotional products industry. I love the company, the people I work with and the Chicago area. It’s exciting to be in a new area and discover all of the things that it has to offer. I live a little west of Chicago, but I can easily take the metra train and get there in less than an hour!! I did that a couple weeks after I arrived here (insert link to blog article).

My Personality: I like to say I’m free spirited, caring, friendly, a hippie, open-minded (although, sometimes, this can take time), ambitious, and ADVENTUROUS! I try to live life very positively. I value life and the experiences that come with it, whether good or bad. I cry, laugh, and yell. I get upset, angry, and sad… but that’s life and I’m human, so I accept it all.

My Goals: I want to be able to discover the world in every way. The job I got will help give me some of those experiences. But ultimately, I would like to travel freely without the

  • I want to travel around the world going to concerts, music festivals, events, ceremonies, etc.
  • I want to meet people from the states, Asia, Africa, Europe, and anywhere where people exist.
  • I want to eat new foods, listen to new music, try on different clothes, speak different languages, and dance new and different dances.
  • I want to ride-share, couchsurf, walk, bike, take public transportation
  • I want to learn life skills, survival skills, and any skills that I could use.
  • I want to be saddened by the pain and filled with hope by the people.
  • I want to see humanity as a whole. I want to build my faith in humanity.


In summary: I’m curious… about everything.