Law of Attraction · Thoughts

Thoughts Become Things

We assume that the mind, body, and spirit are separate things, however, they work as one. The spirit is the greater part of me, the one who helps and guides me (the universe, “God”, etc.). My mind is the channel that interprets that guidance, the one that translate words into emotions, and the one that creates my reality/pov of the world. You see, everyone’s reality is different.

Law of Attraction · Principles of Achievement

The Principles of Achievement: #1-5

In this article, I will provide, in my own interpretation, those principles and how you can use them to achieve anything you want in life. I just got done reading a book called “Think Your Way to Wealth” by Napoleon Hill. In this book, he interviewed Andrew Carnegie to figure out what were the steps… Continue reading The Principles of Achievement: #1-5